Kitchen Tips & Tricks

For years I just put eggs in a pan, added some water, and boiled them, often with mixed results. Imagine my surprise when I learned last year there’s a right and wrong way to make hard-boiled eggs. If you use the correct method, your eggs will turn out perfectly every
Kitchens are the centers of our lives. We cook, converse, and even eat in our kitchens. Perhaps that is why getting motivated to clean a kitchen is 99.9% of the battle… and elbow grease is the other 0.1%. The reason for this is mostly because of all the rooms in
Once you know how to bake salmon you can prepare this nutritious fish in a wide variety of ways in just minutes. Many people love the flavors and textures of Salmon when baked. It can be done with the skin on or off. If you leave it on the fish
Just like a nice outfit, your kitchen can take advantage of accessories! If you are thinking about redecorating but don’t have a lot of dough to put into your kitchen, try simply adding some accessories in a matching theme or color and see how it transforms the room! Now before
You’re half way through a recipe and find out that you don’t have that one ingredient? You’re at a point in the recipe where you can’t just run to the store for that one ingredient? Well here are a few ideas for some ingredient substitutions: Baking powder . . 1
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